Bilateral-Black & Blue
The Bilateral series represents the balance in nature that results from the stabilization of opposing forces.  It is a visual depiction of positive and negative, good and evil, ying and yang, two sides of the same coin, both necessary to reach a state of harmony.
In this series, I have chosen to use black as a constant, the negative foil for the positive the colors represent.  Viewers may choose to interact with each painting by interpreting each color as any positive quality the color evokes in them.
Bilateral is an assemblage of two canvases.  I have layered the canvases, reversing the colors in the smaller top canvas to symbolize the existence of some negativity in every positive and some positive in every negative.

To build up the texture, I added a wax medium to the oils.  The texture is meant to create a feeling of turbulence on both parts of the canvas and represents the struggle of each side to attain dominance over the other.  In the end, as in life, both sides must coexist to form a symbiotic, interdependent relationship to achieve balance.
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