Passages #4
The Passages series denotes the rites of passage of our existence from birh to death with all the vicissitudes of life in beween.  Starting with birth in the left corner, the canvas widens, opening up to life, then closes down as we approach death in the right corner.
Vertical reliefs are demarcations of time passages.  They signify insights, experienced at various stages in our development, which bring clarity and wisdom to our travails.  Thick and wide reliefs symbolize epiphanies, like being struck by a bolt of lightning.  Thin and narrow reliefs are incremental perceptions, like trickles of awareness seeping into our consciousness.

In this "white on white" series, white references purity, godliness and the quest for spiritual perfection.  It represents optimism, that we are capable of accomplishing our goals as we learn and grow from our struggles and our experiences.

I used sand and resin mixtures between the reliefs to create rough texture to simulate the stresses and turmoil of life.  Modeling paste was used to form the vertical reliefs, giving rise to challenges and changes in our thinking patterns as we acquire insights and evolve as human beings.
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