Linda Lovinger-Siegel is a native New Yorker who has been intrigued by art since childhood.  At an early age, color fascinated her.  She would spend endless hours creating designs and patterns on paper in crayon, pulling together various color combinations that appealed to her.   As a teen, Linda became an avid museumgoer, continuously visiting the vast array of museums and galleries that New York has to offer.
Linda taught art education as a schoolteacher in New York City and as an art educator at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Connecticut.  Her interest in creating art sparked again as an adult when she became an active member of the Lincoln Center Institute, a program that assists teachers in bringing aesthetic education to students in the New York metropolitan area.

In her spare time, Linda began painting by taking studio art courses at the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY and the Westchester Art Workshop, White Plains, NY.  After many years, Linda began to pursue the creation of art as a full-time endeavor.  Since then she has been painting with fervor, once again exploring her fascination with color, but now combining it with texture, form, and composition, using oils to create vibrant, expressive works on canvas. 

Throughout her life, a wide variety of artists and styles fostered Linda's love of the visual arts; however, artists such as Rothko, Albers, Newman, and Kelly focused Linda's attention on painting non-representational works in pure, abstracted color.  These great modern artists have inspired Linda and she aspires to reach others by sharing her love of the visual arts with them through her paintings.  Linda's works have been exhibited in New York City, as well as nationally and internationally.
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